About Us

We are a team of professional mechanics developed this website to cover everything about automotive, including reviews of various automotive tools, body parts, aftermarket performance parts, garage accessories and many more. In addition to that, we also have how-to guides regarding automotive repairs and performance evaluation.

The main goal here is to share reliable information and firsthand experience with you, whether it’s about deciding on which product to buy or just an expert opinion. 

About Frederick James

“I am a veteran in the auto industry, supervising a crew of auto mechanics in my location. My job widely includes troubleshooting on different levels, thoroughly discussing and suggesting diagnosis to repair diverse vehicle models. I maintain the craftsmanship along with the unparalleled customer service.  

The idea of this website came from a situation where I had to source a number of components for my workshop. In these days of the fast-moving era, it’s more of a challenge to keep track of all the latest trends and developments that matter. Regardless of the time-consuming progression, I had to conclude in the end. 

So I thought why not share what I have learned through the years with the community having the same dilemma to solve and save some time in the process.    

When I am not jamming with my crews, I have a beautiful family to look after. Whenever we have time to spare, we embark on a cross country journey in an RV, which is entirely custom-made by my team.” – Frederick James

Our Team

Our team consists of several SAE certified mechanics and passionate writers who love to research the auto industry for the latest technologies. We also have a dedicated team for evaluating products from a different perspective. We believe that’s a great way to tap into a diverse consumer level and view things their way.

Apart from that, we have talented editors who know how to present our content in an easy to digestible way. Making sure the reader can get the highest benefit from the writings.

Our Review Process

Our team does extensive research on any topic and evaluates user feedback around the community. Our goal is to provide precise information to our readers. As this website is all about automotive, it’s imperative to involve our experienced mechanics in the equation.

After that, with the help of writers and editors, we build content that’s transparent and geared towards general consumers like you.