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10 Best Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo for Dogs in 2022 – [Top Picks]

Finding the best benzoyl peroxide shampoo for dogs is not an easy task. There are hundreds of products on the market which can be overwhelming to you.

To help you out, we have researched hundreds of customer reviews and feedback from all around the web and come up with the top 10 benzoyl peroxide shampoo for dogs you can buy today. So without further ado, let’s get into the list.

Top 10 Best Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo for Dogs – Picked by Experts

10 Best Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo for Dogs – Top Picks of 2022

Product 1
Davis Benzoyl Peroxide Medicated Dog & Cat Shampoo, 12 oz. – Dermatitis and Demodectic Mange
  • Benzoyl peroxide shampoo helps provide relief from demodectic mange and dermatitis
  • Excellent degreaser for problem coats
  • Aids in the opening and flushing of hair follicles
  • Contains natural moisturizers to promote hydration of the coat and skin
  • Available in 12-ounce size
Product 2
Animal Pharmaceuticals Medicated Benzoyl Peroxide Dog Shampoo – Formulated for Dogs, Cats and Horses – Moisturizing Topical Anti-Seborrhea Formula Treatment Acne and Dandruff - 16 Fluid Ounces
  • Powerful Benzoyl Peroxide Fights Scaling and Build-Up: this medicated dog shampoo reduces cat dandruff and dog dandruff, banishes folliculitis, and eases skin irritation caused by oily residue.
  • Micronized Sulfur Defeats Itching and Irritation: as a medicated dog shampoo for allergies and Itching and cat dermatitis treatment, this active ingredient provides a boost of anti-itch relief.
  • Dog and Cat Shampoo Soothes Painful Dry Skin at the Source: Sodium Lactate adds natural moisture in this cat and dog dandruff shampoo, nourishing both skin and coat with every application.
  • Allergy-Safe Formula Developed for Sensitive Skin: anti-itch dog shampoo formula is safe for dogs, cats, and horses prone to skin allergies and conditions caused by irritation to relieve discomfort.
  • Proprietary Pharmasome Technology for Greater Efficacy: this Benzoyl Peroxide dog shampoo contains active ingredients in unique nano-size particles for maximum topical dandruff and acne relief.
Product 3
Smiling Paws Pets - Benzoyl Peroxide Dog and Cat Shampoo for Allergies and Itching - Supports Relief of Common Skin Conditions for Pets - Deodorizes, Sanitizes, and Cleans - 12oz Formula
  • EFFECTIVE RELIEF FOR DOGS AND CATS: Smiley Paw’s medicated Benzoyl Peroxide shampoo will serve as an effective supportive remedy for a wide range of skin conditions. Our formula supports relief from fleas, dermatitis, and other irritations.
  • CLEANSING PROPERTIES: In addition to anti-itch benefits, our formula includes 2% Salicylic Acid which helps sanitize and deodorize animals, while soothing irritated skin and keeping pores open and clear.
  • VETERINARIAN USED: Our formula is used by both veterinarians and pet lovers. Our great smelling formula is used as relief for dogs and cats, and is trusted by professionals and hobbyists alike. Comes in passion fruit scent, and can be bought in a one (1) or two (2) pack for your convenience.
  • SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE PRODUCT: Our product is sustainable and ecologically friendly. It is paraben, soap, and sulfate free. The ingredients are safe and gentle for dogs, cats, and horses.
  • MADE IN USA: Medicated cat and dog shampoo produced in our locally and federally regulated facility, which means you can rest assured that our products are manufactured in top notch facilities, with stringent safety controls.
On SaleProduct 4
Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic & Antiseborrheic Medicated Dog Shampoo, 16 oz – Paraben, Dye, Soap Free – Hydrating and Antifungal Shampoo for Dogs, White
  • GENTLE HEALING – Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic and Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo for Dogs contains coal tar, salicylic acid & micronized sulfur to help treat skin scaling caused by seborrhea and relieve mange and parasitic infections
  • FAST ACTING – This medicated dog shampoo works fast to relieve symptoms including inflamed scalp, greasy or waxy skin, red skin rashes, bald spots, itch, and flaky skin associated with seborrhea, mange, parasitic, and infections
  • VETERINARY RECOMMENDED – This paraben, dye & soap free pet shampoo will not remove topical spot-on flea & tick treatments and helps safely treat fungal and bacterial skin infections, skin scaling caused by seborrhea and parasitic infections
  • FORMULATED FOR DOGS – Medicated antiparasitic and antiseborrheic shampoo is specifically formulated for dogs over 12 weeks of age This pH balanced treatment is ideal for your dog’s skin as human shampoos are formulated at a lower pH level (more acidic)
  • EFFECTIVE & AFFORDABLE – Veterinary Formula Clinical Care premium medicated products are created with veterinary-grade ingredients but available at a price that pet parents can afford We know dogs are more than just pets because we are pet parents too
Product 5
Strawfield Pets Anti Itch Dog Shampoo for Dogs, Cats - 16 oz - Medicated Dog Shampoo for Allergies and Itching, Sensitive Skin Allergy Relief Treatment, USA
  • MEDICATED SHAMPOO FOR DOGS, CATS - 16 oz, Pump Included - Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% dog shampoo to reduce flaky dry skin & reduce itching.
  • WHY STRAWFIELD PETS - Our cat & dog skin treatment products are 100% Made in the USA. As a family owned pet company, we pride ourselves in creating the safest & best shampoo for dogs & cats that you can trust.
  • SKIN RELIEF FOR DOGS AND CATS - Helps reduce skin conditions & rashes, follicular plugging, hotspots, and yeast.
  • Also safe for use as a kitten or puppy shampoo, cat medicated shampoo, horse shampoo or English Bulldog shampoo & dog wash.
Product 6
Davis Sulfur Benz Shampoo for Pets, 12 oz
  • With 2.5% micronized Benzoyl Peroxide, 1% micronized Sulfur and Salicylic Acid
  • Relief for skin conditions requiring a degreasing or keratolytic formula
  • Opens hair follicles preparing the skin for treatment and promotes healthy new skin growth
  • Made in the USA for dogs and cats
  • Addresses conditions associated with seborrhea dermatitis, dermatoses and bacteria
Product 7
BEXLEY LABS Curaseb Benzoyl Peroxide Dog Shampoo – Relieves Dandruff, Scaling, Scratching and Folliculitis, Veterinary Strength Formula
  • Relieves Itching and Scaling from Dandruff, Skin Infections, Seborrhea, Dermatitis, and Follicular Plugging
  • Deodorizes and Gently Flushes Hair Follicles by Removing Excess Oil, Debris and Unwanted Foreign Visitors While Leaving Behind a Refreshing Citrus Scent
  • Benzoyl Peroxide, Micronized Sulfur & Salicylic Acid Combine to Create a Super Effective Veterinary Strength Shampoo that Deep Cleans and Degreases
  • Soap and Paraben Free
  • Made in the USA in Federally Regulated Manufacturing Facility in Small Batches for Quality and Safety
Product 8
Davis Benzoyl Peroxide Pet Shampoo, 1-Gallon
  • Benzoyl peroxide shampoo helps provide relief from demodectic mange and dermatitis^Excellent degreaser for problem coats^Aids in the opening and flushing of hair follicles^Contains natural moisturizers to promote hydration of the coat and skin^Available in 1-gallon size
Product 9
Pet Health Pharma Truseb | #1 Benzoyl Peroxide Medicated Shampoo for Dogs & Cats (12 Oz) Effective for Skin Conditions, Dandruff, Acne and Folliculitis
  • #1 Truseb Benzoyl Peroxide 3 % and Salicylic Acid 2% Medicated Shampoo - Veterinary Recommended Shampoo to Relief of Scaling caused dermatitis, skin infections and follicular plugging to stop scratching and pain
  • TOP RATED PRODUCT SHAMPOO - Truseb is Advanced Veterinary formula with Broad Spectrum to treat wide range of skin related problems. If you include Truseb in your weekly grooming routine, and after water activities, you will help keep your dog’s ears safe and healthy.
  • VETERINARY STRENGTH FOR LESS MONEY - Benzoyl Peroxide 3 % and Salicylic Acid 2% medicated shampoo is prescription grade soap and paraben Free. Contains skin moisturizers and deodorizers to effectively remove scales and oils from the coat, leaving your Dog or Cat fresh and clean
  • QUICKLY STOPS THE SMELL - Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid for powerful cleaning and degreasing. relieving dry and irritated skin and pyoderma
  • MADE IN THE U.S.A. in Federally Regulated Manufacturing facilities, NASC inspected laboratory so you can trust the quality of our????pet skin care products to Ensure Quality and Safety

Best Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo for Dogs Buying Guide: What to look for when buying?

It’s important to have the proper knowledge, and advice before spending your money on benzoyl peroxide shampoo for dogs. That’s exactly what this guide is for. We’ve explained all the important aspects to look for and compiled all our findings into a comprehensive list, so you can easily access the information that you need.

  • Quality of the product: Quality is something that you should always be concerned about when purchasing the benzoyl peroxide shampoo for dogs. These days you can find so many products that are of bad quality that it is extremely difficult to tell the good ones from the bad ones. So make sure the quality is good enough.
  • Features of the product: Product features tell you if it will suit your needs and help you to make the right choice. However, features are not all the criteria for choosing a product. You also need to make sure that the benzoyl peroxide shampoo for dogs works as described.
  • Price of the product: Price is another essential factor you should consider when you are shopping for benzoyl peroxide shampoo for dogs. Think about how much you need the product and compare it to the price you are willing to pay. Try to choose the item that you can afford and avoid paying overpriced products.
  • Existing customer reviews: When buying new benzoyl peroxide shampoo for dogs, you should always look for customer reviews. Because customer reviews tell you what other customers think about the product, they help you avoid making costly mistakes.
  • Online marketplace: What marketplace you’re buying the benzoyl peroxide shampoo for dogs from is going to make a difference. If you’re buying it off Amazon, make sure the seller has a good reputation with a comparatively lower Best Seller Rank (BSR) in the category where the product is listed. Please don’t buy it off a random person that only has a few reviews.

Final Words

So now you have all the information on the best benzoyl peroxide shampoo for dogs, and it’s your turn to pick the suitable benzoyl peroxide shampoo for dogs for yourself. You can choose from our list without any hesitation. And don’t forget, you can’t go wrong with our recommendation.