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8 Best Blind Bearing Puller Set Reviews (2021) – [Top Picks]

Finding the best blind bearing puller set is a tricky game particularly for beginners and DIY mechanics. There are tons of options to leave you wondering which one to go for.

Keeping this in mind, today we’ve come up with an in-depth blind bearing pullers review after hours-long research. Taking expert opinions into consideration, we’ve also written a buying guide at the end which you don’t want to miss out. So, let’s jump right in!

Top 8 Slide Hammer Blind Hole Bearing Puller Sets

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Best Blind Bearing Puller Set – Reviews (2021)

Best Blind Hole Bearing Pullet Set

1. Motion Pro 08-0292 Blind Bearing Puller Set – Best Overall

Motion Pro 08-0292 Blind Bearing Puller Set - Best Overall
Technicians always seek the highest quality in their bearing pullers to increase productivity during maintenance works. The Motion Pro 08-0292 provides this benchmark and is the best overall inner blind bearing removal for us.

Extremely Durable: The rugged construction of this Motion Pro 08-0292 blind bearing puller can surpass any models out there. The strength is exceptional and can withstand the rigor of heavy-duty works.

Complete Setup: The package has 8 adjustable collet sizes (between 8 to 30 mm) and a 2 pound slide hammer to limit your trip to and from the workshop. It performs a wide range of pulling jobs for transmission rebuilds.

Beginner Friendly: Apart from handling technical projects, the design suits well for a beginner. You can even remove bike wheel bearings with this motorcycle blind bearing puller without damaging anything.

  • Actionable user manual included.
  • Lasts extreme conditions.
  • Provides precision for years.
  • Slide hammer thread size isn’t universal.

2. OTC 4581 Slide Hammer Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set – Runner Up

OTC 4581 Slide Hammer Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set - Runner Up
OTC is an award-winning USA brand that has been selling diagnostic tools for a very long time. All the products are reliable, but we’ve managed to pick their best blind hole pilot bearing puller as our runner-up choice for you.

Well-Rounded Toolset:  It includes a medium stroke slide hammer and four adjustable collets to suit a variety of applications. Collets can quickly detach bushings/bearings from blind holes while the hammer of the OTC 4581 set helps pull off pilot bearings from the clutch disc.

Adaptable Extractors: The collets come with 1/2 and 1-1/8-inch inner assembly, making them ideal for various bearing sizes. The fingers are properly edged to minimize accidental slip out.

Heavy-Duty Material: The adapters and the hammer are well built with quality steel to secure years of service.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Resists corrosion despite long usage.
  • Durable case keep content safe and prepared.
  • Slide hammer don’t fit other collets (except those included).

3. Sealey AK716 Blind Pilot Bearing Puller Tool – Premium Choice

Sealey AK716 Blind Pilot Bearing Puller Tool - Premium Choice
This pilot bearing puller slide hammer set from Sealey is packed with top of the line features and is the most expensive set on our list. Except for the price, there is not much we can complain about this tool set.

Comprehensive Setup: The package includes a slide hammer with a wide shaft to pull the tightest of bearings when the bridge extractor is designed for gentle removal. Needless to say, Sealey AK716 is an excellent blind bearing puller set for any mechanics out there.

Versatile Capacity: To complete the setup it provides various collets to cater bearings with internal capacity ranging from 9 to 34mm. Due to this, it’s very handy to remove anything from old bushing to motorbike bearings.

Easy to Operate: The 1.4kg (4 lbs.) slide hammer with its durability and fine griping makes pulling a lot easier.

  • Long-lasting rust-proof design.
  • Sturdy enough for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Durable carry case for added portability.
  • Quite expensive for occasional use.

4. Tusk Blind Bearing Removal Tool Set – Best for the Money

Tusk Blind Bearing Removal Tool Set - Best for the Money
There are not many blind bearing pullers that provide the best value for the money you invest to buy them. However, the Tusk Bearing Remover closes the gap with excellent features and deserves a top-five spot on our list.

Convenient Usage:  This Tusk tool set allows you to remove rigid bushings and bearings without necessary hassles. It’s lightweight and designed for beginners. You don’t need a hammer, wrench socket, or other accessories in the process.

Quite Adaptable: The set accompanies a slide hammer and 8 different extractor/collet sizes to support various restorations. The collects can secure inner bearings between 8 and 30 mm in dimension.

Durable Material: The entire inner bearing pullers are hardened steel and sustain professional alike quite well. The suitable combination of usability and firmness will let you focus more on the work rather than the tool itself.

  • Comes with a durable case.
  • World-class USA manufactured tool.
  • Additional collet sizes (30/35/40/45mm) available.
  • Threads are little rough to attach.

5. Orion Motor Tech Slide Hammer Blind Bearing Puller – Best Under $70

Orion Motor Tech Slide Hammer Blind Bearing Puller - Best Under $70
It’s hard to get a good blind bearing race puller under 100 bucks. Luckily, that’s not the case with the Orion slide hammer bearing puller set. No wonder it’s our best under $70 selection on the list.

Withstand Heavy Usage: This set is built to stand up rough uses and accidental drops. The chrome-molybdenum steel structure of Orion blind puller set is the reason for this. In the end, you get the expected length of service from a high-quality blind bearing extractor. 

Multiple Sizes: This Orion kit is a versatile blind bearing puller set. It includes a slide hammer, 3 adapters, 10 collets (from 6-59mm sizes), and a jaw puller. Moreover, the 5 thread diameters fit with all European, Japanese, and American models to widen scope for mechanics.

Ease of Use: This bike blind bearing puller can replace bearings on motorcycles, an essential aspect for off-road warriors. The extractors easily fit in holes and don’t damage parts in use, making it ideal for novice and DIY users.

  • Tackle rust and corrosion.
  • Well-suited to specialized jobs.
  • A compact carry case organize adapters.
  • The smaller collets tend to flex.

6. DASBET Blind Hole Pilot Bearing Removal Tool – Best Budget

DASBET Blind Hole Pilot Bearing Removal Tool - Best Budget
If you are searching for the best budget inner bearing puller set, the DASBET blind hole bearing puller is the ideal one to try. This tool saves money when you need a small blind bearing puller that caters to occasional needs.

Durable Enough: DASBET bearing removal tool doesn’t feature all the bells and whistles of a heavy-duty pilot blind bearing puller, but it won’t fall apart soon either.

Reasonably Versatile: The blind hole bearing puller set comprises a slide hammer and four collet assemblies to pull out bearings of 10 and 32 mm and all in between.

User Friendly: There is nothing complicated in this blind bearing removal tool set. Keeping pilot sizes in mind, anyone with little experience can use it. The 2lbs slide hammer is lightweight and perfect for pulling activities a beginner performs.

  • Quite affordable.
  • Useful for household applications.
  • A storage case offer use on the go.
  • Not suitable for professional uses.

7. 8MILEAKE Internal Blind Bearing Puller Set – Also Great

8MILEAKE Internal Blind Bearing Puller Set - Also Great
Talking about blind bearing puller kits, 8MILEAKE internal bearing puller set comes with a price that is hard to beat and yet a great one for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Reliable Brand: 8MILELAKE is a US brand and extremely reputed for its high-end tools and accessories. This 8MILEAKE bearing puller set is no exception and withstands all sorts of aggressive jobs you throw at it.

Versatile Tool: The 16pcs internal blind bearing puller with a U-shape Jaw can remove a wide range of bearing sizes. In addition, the slide hammer can also be used to mount or remove bearings in jammed axles.

Sturdy Construction: The threads and collets are super sturdy for chrome-molybdenum build and grips the inner bearing races very firmly. Therefore, slip out/dents won’t be an issue.

  • Easy to use.
  • Great for professional jobs.
  • Remove bearings on trailers/dirt bikes.
  • Slide hammer is relatively smaller.

8. Goplus Blind Inner Bearing Puller Tool Kit – Also Great

Goplus Blind Inner Bearing Puller Tool Kit -  Also Great
Last but not the least, we have one of the best blind hole bearing pullers to review. This blind inner bearing puller can be a great alternative to the previous one, yet comes with a more affordable price.

Wide Applications: The 16 pieces Goplus tool kit can serve multiple purposes for mechanics and beginners. In addition, the adjustable jaw puller is useful for removing jammed bearings from flywheels/crankshafts.

Rust-Proof Material: Again, the collets can hold onto heavy-duty pulling due to the chrome steel construction. This also helps them withstand rust and ensure long-term usage.

Capable Slide Hammer: The 5-pound slide hammer can exert the necessary force you may need to pull out bearings from a rear axle, old bushing, or differential wheel. In case you’re a smaller guy this will make your job simpler.

  • Compatible size variations.
  • Reasonably priced for a quality toolset.
  • Slide hammer doesn’t need much effort for pulling.
  • Gripping should be a little sharper.

Blind Bearing Puller Kit Buying Guide

Choosing the best blind bearing puller set requires you to know the different types and qualities they come with. In addition, it also depends on your expertise, your budget, and the complexity of the task at hand.

Here is what you need to keep in mind before making the final decision.

Assignment Type

First and foremost, you have to decide the right type of blind bearing puller according to your particular needs. For example, if you want to remove bearings from a shaft, a jaw puller would be necessary.

On the other hand, a regular puller with a slide hammer is enough to release bearings from inner holes.


Buying a blind bearing toolset is a reasonable investment. On top of that, removing a bearing from its shafts or inner hole isn’t child play. That’s why, it’s important to avoid flimsy materials that can’t hold up impacts or years of use.

Look for chrome steel combinations because they are heat treatable and withstand rough weather pretty well.


Make sure to buy blind bearing pullers with necessary inner dimension collets/extractors so that it fits a wide array of applications. You also want to check the force requirement for pulling your type of bearings to pick up the right tool.

Storage Case

Improper storage can affect the integrity of your tools to some extent. And that’s where a durable storage case makes difference.


Generally speaking, you will get what you pay for. That’s not, however, an exact science all the time. For instance, if you own a bike and only need to pull bearings occasionally there is no need to invest heavily on a premium puller and regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a blind hole bearing puller?

It’s a specialty tool to extract different types of bearings from blind holes.

What is a blind hole bearing puller used for?

It’s used for pulling out hard-to-remove bearing sets from a rotating machine shaft or blind inner hole.

How does a blind bearing puller work?

Firstly, a blind bearing puller has inner dimension collets to lock the bearing. A slide hammer is then attached to it which provides external force along its shaft in order to release the bearing from its housing.

How to use a blind bearing puller?

The manufacturer manual provides the best instructions on how to use your specific blind bearing puller set.

How do you remove a bearing from a blind hole?

A blind bearing puller is the most useful tool to accomplish this.

  • To get a firm grip, first you should determine the right extractor according to the inner bearing dimension.
  • Now screw the slide hammer with the correct collets onto the shaft arm.
  • Next, insert the extractor in the bearing hole and screw the thorn until it adapts to the bore.
  • Finally, start hitting the sliding hammer and remove the bearing.

Final Words

Coming to the end, we hope you’ve found valuable information from this best blind bearing puller set review. From the beginning, the point of this write-up was to help you choose your desired tool so that you aren’t stranded with one that costs a good sum of money for no good.

Once again, Sealey AK716 is the premium choice for expert mechanics, whereas Motion Pro 08-0292 is the best all-around alternative to try. Lastly, Orion Bearing Puller is your best one to buy on a budget.

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