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10 Best Burger Smasher in 2022 – [Top Picks]

Finding the best burger smasher is not an easy task. There are hundreds of products on the market which can be overwhelming to you.

To help you out, we have researched hundreds of customer reviews and feedback from all around the web and come up with the top 10 burger smasher you can buy today. So without further ado, let’s get into the list.

Top 10 Best Burger Smasher – Picked by Experts

10 Best Burger Smasher – Top Picks of 2022

Product 1
Cuisinart Smashed Burger Press, Cast Iron CISB-111
  • HEAVY WEIGHT: Heavy weight to help smash the patty down to a 6” flat patty shape.
  • DO IT LIKE THE PROS: Place a piece of parchment paper over the loosely packed ball of meat before smashing down! Provides an easy and clean transition between pressing each burger down.
  • CAST IRON PRESS: Heavy-duty, 6" cast iron burger press helps create perfect, flavorful patties every time.
  • CRISPY EDGES AND JUICY CENTER: Crispy, cracked edges and a juicy center is what you can expect when you make smashed burgers with this Cast Iron burger press.
  • Note: Colors and styles may vary due to product enhancement
On SaleProduct 2
HULISEN Stainless Steel Burger Press, 6.2 inch Round Burger Smasher, Professional Griddle Accessories Kit, Grill Press Perfect for Flat Top Griddle Grill Cooking
  • High Quality Stainless Steel: The burger press made of Brushed Stainless Steel including grip handle, stain resistant and rustproof. The round grip handle adopt laser welding technology, which will not become loose over time, and it can stay firm for a long time
  • Reduce Cooking Time: Efficient cooking, you can exerting pressure to make food complete cooking faster while adding a unique flavor, press out the grease for healthy cooking, It's much easier to use than griddle spatula or forming by hand
  • Smooth & Flat Surface: A flat and smooth bottom of the smash burger press can help you get a burger of uniform thickness. Smooth, brushed stainless steel feature not-stick, easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Get Perfect Hamburger: 6.2 inch round burger press can smash the burger patties and sear the bottom into a caramelized shell that seals in the juices. Perfect for stovetop grilling and outdoor grill. It is also suitable for grilling bacon, grilled cheese, and Panini on a flat stove top pan
  • Great Gift Choice: Come with professional brand gift package, our burger smasher is a great gift for lovers of smashed burgers and grilling. Good masher kitchen tool suitable for professional and home kitchens
On SaleProduct 3
The Burger Iron | Burger Smasher | Extra Wide 6" Round Stainless Steel Smashed Burger Press | Perfect for Paleo and Keto Diet
  • EXTRA WIDE 6" Round Design for the Thinnest, Crispiest Burgers
  • SMOOTH Stainless Steel Surface Minimizes Sticking
  • DOUBLE SCREW attachment for Superior Durability
  • Burger Iron is an American Company; Designed in Nashville, TN
  • THE ORIGINAL Smashburger Tool - Perfect for Paleo and Keto Diets
Product 4
The Burger Smasher - Cast Iron Burger Press Kit w/Patty Paper Included | Hamburger Press Perfect for Cooking on Flat Top Grill, Cast Iron Griddle or Skillet | Griddle Press and Grill Press
  • ✅ STURDY CAST IRON - The Burger Smasher is made of sturdy, reliable cast iron which adds a nice weight for pressing down hamburger patties and makes it easy to smash. Can handle high heat when cooking with a flat top grill, griddle, cast iron skillet, or regular cooking pan. Very durable and lasts for years to come!
  • ✅ COMPLETELY FLAT BOTTOM - Allows for more control on how thin & crispy you can make your burger. Gives you a true smashed burger! This smashburger press has no ridges or rimmed lip that force you to make a thick burger, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve - The thinner, the better! We recommend using 2 oz of meat to achieve the perfect, thin smash burger!
  • ✅ COMFORTABLE WOODEN HANDLE - Stays cool to the touch and makes smashing burgers easy and comfortable to use!
  • ✅ THE PERFECT SIZE - The Burger Smasher’s 5 inch diameter size allows you to smash more than one burger at a time on your pan or skillet so you can cook and eat your burgers even faster! Best for creating 4-5 inch hamburger patties to fit standard size burger buns.
  • ✅ MAKES A GREAT GIFT - This burger smashing kit was crafted with function and design in mind! Makes the perfect gift for meat, grill, and burger lovers alike! Also includes 20 pieces of patty paper to get you started smashing delicious, juicy burgers right away!
On SaleProduct 5
Seasky Stainless Steel Burger Press, Burger Smasher, Professional Hamburger Bacon Press, Grill Press Perfect 5.5 Inch Bacon Presser Spatula for Flat Top Outdoor Griddle Grill Home Cooking (Square)
  • 🥪【100% 304 Stainless Steel】The food grade stainless steel burger press flat top grill has a 5.5 inch that covers a wider area in the pan, applies sufficient weight to keep the food close to the heated surface for evenly heating the food, and speeds up the cooking process, reducding cooking time & increase flavor.
  • 🌭【 Perfect Grill Press】Multi-function professional smash burger press camping kitchen portable griddle grill cooking no stick and no rust perfect for flat top griddle grill cooking help you get evenly thick burgers/bacon/steaks much easier than using a spatula.
  • 🍖【Comfortable Wood Handle】Our steak press weight has an ergonomic wooden handle that provides a comfortable grip and is very safe without scratching your hand. The bacon press handle is made for perfect all-round cooking.
  • 🥩【Outdoor Griddle】Square burger smasher smooth and flat surface to eat food evenly and speed up the cooking process you can apply pressure to cook food faster while adding unique flavors and pressing out grease for healthy cooking.
  • 🌮【Easy to Clean】Seasky grill presses & irons griddle accessories are heat resistant, corrosion resistant, and rust free. The thickened brushed metal panel is durable and smooth, polished stainless steel with non-stick, so easy to clean. If you have any issues, please contact us, we are always here!
Product 6
Warmodern Stainless Steel Burger Press,5.5inch Round Smash Burger Press,Professional Griddle Accessories Kit for Flat Top Grill, Hamburger Patty Maker and Squeeze Grease, Easy to Clean
  • 🍔【304 Stainless Steel Material】The Burger Press adopts an upgraded version of 304 stainless steel material. Durable and rust-proof. Adopt integrated laser welding technology, keep firm for a long time, and not easy to loosen.
  • ✅【Premium Support】 We provide a perfect smash burger press and free replacement service. When you receive the burger press was damaged, the package was broken up or you are dissatisfied with the products. please do not hesitate to contact us immediately. We will confirm the product problem and replace it for you unconditionally New product. We are full of confidence in our products!
  • 🍔【Easy To Clean】304 stainless steel material can be easily rinsed with warm water, and it can be safely placed in the dishwasher. You don't need to worry about the cleanliness of the grill press.
  • 🍔【Non-stick Burger Smasher】The smash burger press has a smooth and flat bottom, which can heat food evenly and cook faster. You don’t need to worry about it easy to stick.
  • 🍔【Widely Used】The round burger smasher is specially designed for efficient cooking of burgers, sandwiches, bacon, cheese, and panini. It can not only reduce the cooking time but also add flavor to the food. It is indispensable equipment for an outdoor barbecue. This is a great gift for chefs and passionate gourmets.
Product 7
EPPARN Stainless Steel Burger Press, 5.5 inch Round Burger Smasher, Professional Griddle Accessories Kit, Grill Press Perfect for Skillet Flat Top Griddle Grill Cooking
  • 304 Stainless Steel Material: The burger smasher is made of 100% 304 stainless steel, rustproof. The round handle adopt laser welding technology, which will not fall apart and can stay firm for a long time. Aslo provides a comfortable grip with a stylish touch. Perfect tool for making smash burgers.
  • Cook Faster & More Evenly: The grill press is much easier to use than griddle spatula or forming by hand. Smasher helps cook your meat more efficient and press out unwanted excess fat and oils from meats for healthy cooking. Reduces Cooking Time and Boosts Flavor for for the ultimate seared, crispy gourmet burger experience.
  • Smooth & Flat Surface: Flat and smooth bottom of the smash burger press help you get a uniform thickness burger. Press down on your favorite thin meat to make them cook faster and more evenly. Smooth and polished stainless steel minimizes sticking, easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Perfect Grilling & Cooking Tool: 5.5 inch square burger press can smash the burger patties and sear the bottom into a caramelized shell that seals in the juices. Perfect for stovetop grilling and most range-top skillets. Make delicious homemade panini sandwiches, smashburgers or grilled cheese right on the griddle!
  • Great Gift For Smash Burgers Lover: With professional brand gift package, our burger smasher is a great gift for lovers of smashed burgers and grilling. Works great with burgers, bacon, sausage, ham, hash browns, grilled sandwiches, quesadillas etc. A great tool to have for the kitchen, restaurants, camping, and more.
On SaleProduct 8
Onadak Stainless Steel Burger Press for Griddle, Square Burger Smasher, Non-Stick Bacon Grill Press, Griddle Press 5.5 inch Bacon Presser Perfect for Flat Top Griddle Grill Home Cooking
  • 🍔【 High Quality Material】 The burger press for flat top grill is made of 304 food grade stainless steel material, in order to ensure food safety at the same time with the characteristics of high temperature corrosion resistance and no rust, durable and easy to clean.
  • 🥓【Thoughtful Design】This smash grill press ergonomic wooden handle with good heat insulation can prevent scalding and have feel good, rounded corners also ensure safety during use, the stainless steel burger press is designed with intensive research and fine attention to details to ensure your safety.
  • 🌭【Efficient Cooking】The perfect bacon presser spatula helps to keep your meat closer to the cooking surface, allowing for an even heat distribution across the surface.That allows for an overall richer overall taste.Furthermore, the bacon presser helps to ring fat out of the meat while retaining all the other rich and juicy flavors.
  • 🍕【Use in Everywhere】The professional irons griddle accessories is not only a perfect match with the pan in the kitchen and restaurant, but also very suitable for stove grilling and outdoor grilling griddle. So this iron press cooking is an excellent tool for indoor and outdoor.
  • 💝【Perfect Gift】Equipped with exquisite gift packaging is the best choice for gifts,Our steak press weight is also the best choice for making bacon, ham, grilled sandwiches, hamburgers, and quesadillas. And We promise that there will be quality problems, free replacement.
Product 9
Anoble Burger Press - Stainless Steel Burger Smasher Tool - Smooth & Non-Stick Surface - Round Utensil for Grilling Meat Patty, Steak, Hot Dog - Grill Flattener for Steaks, Panini, Sandwich - 5.5x5.5
  • [Cook Patties Faster] Mash your beef patties and cook them faster by putting pressure on them. Pressing down on your patties using this burger press also wrings out grease, making each burger healthier.
  • [A Breeze To Use] Lightweight and fitted with a stainless steel handle, this nonstick burger grill press is easy to hold and use. At 5.5x5.5" it can easily fit onto most frying pans and grills.
  • [Quality You Can Trust] Crafted using heavy-duty stainless steel, our griddle burger press won't break or rust easily. It also has a polished exterior that provides it with a non-stick finish.
  • [A Press For All Meat] This multipurpose grill press can also be used on other types of food! Use it to weigh down and evenly sear your bacon, sausages, steaks, ham, hash browns, sandwiches, or paninis!
  • [Fuss-Free Cleaning] Thanks to its one-piece molding design, this round grill press has no dents or raised screws where dirt and oil can hide in. When it gets dirty, simply pop it in the dishwasher.
Product 10
SHELIOS & HELIOS Stainless Steel Smash Burger Press, 6.5 inch Round Burger Smasher, BBQ Grill Press, Perfect Griddle Accessories for Flat Top Grill and Skillet, Easy to use, Dishwasher Safe
  • Food Grade Stainless steel |The burger smasher is made of food grade stainless steel and perfect tool for making sure your burger patties are as flat and even on all sides. With its durable construction, this smasher will withstand high heat when cooking with a flat top grill or griddle! You can also use it in regular frying pan!
  • Smooth Flat Surface | The completely flat bottom allows for more control on how thin and crispy you can make your burger. It provides a true smashed burger! This press has no ridges or rimmed lip that force us to make thick patties, which is what we want to avoid.
  • Laser welded handle | This burger press may be the most comfortable one you'll ever use. The handle is securely locked with laser welding, so it won't get loose or break when pressing under pressure over time!
  • EASY-CLEAN AND DISHWASHER SAFE | Whether you hand or machine wash, the smooth flat surface of this burger smasher is easy to clean in seconds, without tricky grooves that can hold grease.
  • The perfect gift | For anyone who loves grilling or entertaining in the kitchen, this smash burger press will make your burgers taste better than ever before. With reduced cooking time and an easy cleanup process it's never been easier to host a tasty cookout!

Best Burger Smasher Buying Guide: What to look for when buying?

It’s important to have the proper knowledge, and advice before spending your money on burger smasher. That’s exactly what this guide is for. We’ve explained all the important aspects to look for and compiled all our findings into a comprehensive list, so you can easily access the information that you need.

  • Quality of the product: Quality is something that you should always be concerned about when purchasing the burger smasher. These days you can find so many products that are of bad quality that it is extremely difficult to tell the good ones from the bad ones. So make sure the quality is good enough.
  • Features of the product: Product features tell you if it will suit your needs and help you to make the right choice. However, features are not all the criteria for choosing a product. You also need to make sure that the burger smasher works as described.
  • Price of the product: Price is another essential factor you should consider when you are shopping for burger smasher. Think about how much you need the product and compare it to the price you are willing to pay. Try to choose the item that you can afford and avoid paying overpriced products.
  • Existing customer reviews: When buying new burger smasher, you should always look for customer reviews. Because customer reviews tell you what other customers think about the product, they help you avoid making costly mistakes.
  • Online marketplace: What marketplace you’re buying the burger smasher from is going to make a difference. If you’re buying it off Amazon, make sure the seller has a good reputation with a comparatively lower Best Seller Rank (BSR) in the category where the product is listed. Please don’t buy it off a random person that only has a few reviews.

Final Words

So now you have all the information on the best burger smasher, and it’s your turn to pick the suitable burger smasher for yourself. You can choose from our list without any hesitation. And don’t forget, you can’t go wrong with our recommendation.