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8 Best Hydraulic Wheel Dollies (2021) – [The Ultimate Guide]

Having the best hydraulic wheel dolly around offers the easiest means for moving and positioning vehicles in different places inside a garage. Keeping a few of them is equally important for you, especially when your car refuses to start and you’ve to move it yourself.

That being said, finding a decent product from hundreds of options is never easy. To help you out our experts have done the research on your behalf.  Here with our comprehensive hydraulic wheel dolly reviews, you can narrow down your option with ease. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Top 8 Hydraulic Wheel Dollies for Moving Cars

Best Hydraulic Wheel Dolly Reviews (2021)

Best hydraulic wheel dolly

1. GoJak G6313 USA Made Hydraulic Wheel Dolly – Best Overall

GoJak G6313 USA Made Hydraulic Wheel Dolly - Best Overall
As a heavy-duty hydraulic wheel dolly, GoJak G6313 offers the best overall vehicle moving experience. With top of line features, it reasonably fits the top spot on our list.

Heavy-duty: Each of the GoJak 6313 wheel dolly is rated at 1575 lbs. weight, the highest capacity for any vehicle positioning jack dolly out there. Due to the 13” width, it allows you to move big tires without issues.

Durable Construction: Unlike average models GoJak 6313 features hardened steel, making it suitable to use in busy shops, parking garage, or on a tow call.

Efficient Casters: GoJak 6313 comes with the largest wheels, an important feature you need when pulling cars up a flatbed truck. Backed with double ball bearings, these casters provide seamless rolling even with the heaviest load.

Smooth Jacking: Self-loading dolly makes jacking up cars effortless for you. In addition, an oversized pedal ensures extra heights with fewer strokes. 

  • Lasts a very long time.
  • Maximum weight capacity.
  • Can roll with heavy objects.
  • Large ground clearance for faster moving.
  • No wheel brakes.

2. GoJak G5211 Made in USA Hydraulic Wheel Dollies – Runner Up

GoJak G5211 Made in USA Hydraulic Wheel Dollies - Runner Up
If you deal with cars and light trucks in most cases, Gojak G5211 is a perfect choice. Built to last, it’s our runner up hydraulic wheel skates for all good reasons.

Robust Structure: Similar to the previous one, GoJak G5211 comes with all-steel quality components to make moving vehicles effortless. 

Compact Rolling: With a weight capacity of 1,250 lbs. each dolly is capable of handling 11”-inch wide tires, perfectly suited to starters who need to reposition his car/light truck/minivan in the garage.

Efficient Jacking: As a self-loading vehicle dolly, Gojak G5211 offers hand-free lifting. The additional foot-to-tire clearance makes jacking up a car fast and efficient.

Easy to Use: The ball-bearings on the casters ensure rotational freedom to roll your cars in tight spaces. 

  • Highly durable steel dolly.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Can be used by a single person.
  • Great for home garage applications.
  • Not suitable for multi-vehicle shops/showrooms.

3. Eastwood MH8016 Portable Hydraulic Wheel Dolly – Also High Quality

Eastwood MH8016 Portable Hydraulic Wheel Dolly - Also High Quality
Talking about heavy-duty car dollies, Eastwood MH8016 is another high-quality addition to the list. Designed with portability in mind, you can take it around in your car and avoid getting stuck in the middle of a road.

Durable Casters: With heavy-duty casters Eastwood MH8016 allows you to move cars around paved and concrete surfaces without chances of any damage.

Load Capacity: You can work with any tires up to 12” wide and lift up to 1300 lbs. weight. With this feature, you can pick up pretty much any collector cars you come across in the garage.

User-friendly: The ball bearings on the wheel save garage space as it allows you to roll the cars sideways or around tight spaces. The hydraulic foot pedal with built-in jack makes using them simpler.

Safety Locking: When a vehicle is raised the locking pin takes the extra weight off the hydraulics and makes moving/storing cars safer for you.

  • Offer 360-degree direction.
  • Portable dollies ease up storage.
  • Steel dollies for increased longevity.
  • Provide more stability on a flat surface.
  • Load capacity can be improved.

4. Stark Hydraulic KIT363 Wheel Dolly Car Skates – Best Budget

Stark Hydraulic KIT363 Wheel Dolly Car Skates - Best Budget
Next, we’ve Stark Wheel Skates, the least expensive yet one of the best hydraulic car dollies on the list. Adjustable for most vehicles it’s packed with more features than what you expect for the price.

Quality Build: High-quality steel makes Stark KIT363 hydraulic wheel dolly set difficult to break. The mechanical structure is optimized for heavy-duty applications.

Effortless Moving: The 1500lbs. weight capacity (per wheel) is sufficient for any hydraulic car skates to make transportation easier. It fits well with all 12” tires making it suitable to glide most cars and light vans. 

Ratcheting System: The built-in ratcheting pedal allows complete hands-free lifting and multiplies your effort to it.

Portable Design: The design makes for moving disabled cars around the shop with ease. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much space in the car to use it anywhere you want.

  • User-friendly design.
  • Convenient ratcheting mechanism.
  • Portable to carry and use anywhere.
  • Universal wheels increase versatility.
  • Caster wheel sizes could be bigger.

5. Sunex 7708 Ratcheting Wheel Dollies – Great Mechanical Wheel Dolly

Sunex 7708 Ratcheting Wheel Dollies - Great Mechanical Wheel Dolly
This ratcheting wheel dolly is rightfully considered one of the best due to its great mechanical orientation. With this, you get all those high-end features at one great price.

Versatile Wheel Skates: Each of Sunex 7708 dolly offers a maximum 1500 lbs. weight capacity to comfortably lift any cars, SUVs, trucks, and boats. The 12.8” width opens wider (up to 28”) to fit bigger tires. 

Smooth Jacking: The diamond plate foot pedal is quite large and provides added tractions. Besides, it works in a ratcheting mechanism for more lifting with less effort.

Outstanding Usability: With Sunex 7708 you can move your cars in any direction, so a small space or tight angle won’t be a problem. When storing cars you can lock the outboard wheels for safety as well.

Portable Feature: The set comes with an integrated carry handle allowing you to use it anywhere you need.

  • Fairly priced car dolly.
  • Rust-proof metal construction.
  • Lifting wheels doesn’t take many efforts.
  • No significant cons worth mentioning.

6. GoJak G4520 American Made Hydraulic Car Dolly – Up to 20” Wide Tires

GoJak G4520 American Made Hydraulic Car Dolly - Up to 20 inch Wide Tires
There aren’t many vehicle positioning wheel dolly to accommodate up to 20” wide tires like Gojak G4520. With high-level craftsmanship, it’s no surprise what GoJak can bring to the table.

Well-Built: Right of the bet, the design of the GoJak G4520 steel frames is outstanding. It comfortably holds 20” to make working with big tires a breeze.

Efficient Pedal: The hydraulic action with an oversized foot pedal saves your time and effort in jacking up a car. 

Effortless Operation: Be it a parking garage, or race track the nylon casters with additional support from ball bearings ensure easier rolling with heavier loads.

Fairly Capable: Unlike heavy-duty car dollies GoJak G4520 is pretty standard with 4500 lbs overall weight capacity. It’s not a deal-breaker, as you can carry any performance car or lightweight trucks on the dollies without issues. 

  • Made in USA.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • Withstand long term usage.
  • Offer seamless movement.
  • Expensive for a standard wheel dolly.

7. Dragway Tools LD-2121-4 Hydraulic Car Dollies – Up to 22” Wide Tires

Dragway Tools LD-2121-4 Hydraulic Car Dollies - Up to 22 inch Wide Tires
With capacity up to 22” wide tires, this hydraulic car dolly from Dragway lets you work smarter and not harder. They are easy to use and perfect for moving cars, SUVs, trucks, trailers, and boats.

Versatile Usage: Each wheel offers an incredible 1500 lbs. limit. Even a single person can relocate a three-ton vehicle with Dragway LD-2121–4 dollies attached. The 22-inch width suits all big tires to move them from one place to the other.

Complete Set:  The package includes 4 sets of wheel skates for complete maneuverability. Even when pivoting a vehicle on two dollies it doesn’t feel awkward to work with. 

Steel Frame: With ½-inch steel the quality of the construction secures long-term usage. In addition, the powder-coated finish makes it scratch proof.

Easy to Operate: The built-in jack lifts any tire couple of inches off the ground in the least of time. On top of that, the four swiveling wheels allow the dollies to roll freely in all directions.

  • Locking pins ensure safety.
  • Best car dolly for the money.
  • Shipped with 4 wheel dolly set.
  • Adjustable with all small and big tires.
  • A bit heavy to limit portability to some extent.

8. OTC Tools 1580 Stinger Hydraulic Wheel Skates Dolly – Also Great

OTC Tools 1580 Stinger Hydraulic Wheel Skates Dolly - Also Great
Finally, we’veone last product to share in this hydraulic wheel dolly review. Considering its credible features OTC 1580 is also great and deserves a spot on the list.

Robust Application: Equipped with a premium hydraulic lift mechanism OTC 1580 increases your productivity moving disabled cars for repair.

Extensive Capacity: Once the pedal is activated it can lift a 6000 lbs. car in under a minute. Thanks to phenolic wheels, they are industry-leading components to withstand heavier loads.

Convenient Width: Although the 12” tread width won’t fit every tire it meets most automotive challenges.

Safe Rolling: When moving your cars throughout the garage the phenolic wheels protect the floors from damages. You can also secure the dollies in place using the locking pins.

  • Easily reposition heavy cars.
  • Offer a budget-friendly price.
  • Comes with heavy-duty casters.
  • Ball bearing ensures diverse rolling.
  • With 40 lbs. weight they heavy.

Vehicle Positioning Hydraulic Wheel Dolly Buying Guide

While searching for our best hydraulic car dollies we considered a few features to help us with the selection. As you can guess, buying some of these will be a significant investment.

And the last you want is to settle down with a model that doesn’t fit your vehicles. So, before you regret it, we suggest having a look at the following pointers carefully.


Hydraulic wheel dollies are intended to move with the weight of a vehicle and therefore the toughness in the construction is crucial. A sturdy unit should feature steel or aluminum materials to bear the heavy load of a car without depressing.

Weight Capacity

You don’t want to damage your hydraulic wheel dollies under heavy cars without knowing how much they can hold. Therefore, find out the estimated weight of the vehicle first and make sure your set of dollies can back the load.

It’s wise to select a wheel that is rated higher than the average load required. The best hydraulic car dolly on our list can carry up to 1575lbs. (A set of 4 dollies equal 6300lbs. in total).

Caster Brake

Not all hydraulic car dollies come with brakes on the wheel but it’s an excellent feature to check out. Brakes improve your control moving a dollied vehicle. At the same time, it locks your car in place so you won’t have to worry about it rolling around unsupervised. 

Caster Size & Quality

Casters are must-have components as they provide the mobility a hydraulic vehicle dolly needs.  High-quality casters should withstand the heft of cars moving in different directions.

Steel is extremely durable, especially for industrial conditions. However, they tend to get rusty. Plastic (Nylon) casters aren’t going to face this, but you’ve to sacrifice some longevity on the table afterward.

Generally, the higher the required weight, the wider the wheel needed for the casters. Bigger wheels distribute weight effectively, allowing the dolly to roll easily on the floor.  

Tire Width

Your car dollies should fit the tire width. You can find the information stamped by the side of your tires. Be sure to go one size up than needed. It will ensure enough room is available for the dollies to wriggle the tires.

Number Of Car Wheel Dollies

Each hydraulic dolly comes with a substantial price, means a package of four will be even costlier. Unless a car/vehicle is completely unmovable buying four skates isn’t necessary.

Two dollies on the front or the back wheels are enough in most cases. That said, using four dollies will surely accelerate and ease maneuverability.

Ease Of Use

A wheel jack dolly that has ball bearing castors is the easiest to use. Ball bearings let the user rotate his car at a 360-degree angle with a gentle push. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Hydraulic Car Wheel Dolly

What is a hydraulic wheel dolly?

A hydraulic wheel dolly is essentially a lifting machine that works through a manual foot pedal. A telescoping frame and several casters sandwich your vehicle tire and use the hydraulic force to move it instantly in any direction.

What are wheel dollies used for?

These heavy-duty small tools are extremely useful to lift a car that doesn’t run and move it forward or sideways in the garage. The frame-mounted casters provide both mobility and stability during this relocation.

How does a hydraulic wheel dolly work?

Each of these manual movers consists of a telescoping frame with mounted trolley wheels/casters. They are put under a vehicle tire while the hydraulic foot pedal is pressed upside down. Gradually the arms raise the car and slide the dollies beneath the tires. 

How do you use hydraulic car wheel dollies?

Car dollies act as wheel skates and the hydraulic lift action makes them easy to use.

  • You need to roll the dollies/arm on each side of the tire and step on the foot pedal.
  • The hydraulic action will bring the arms closer and lift the tires.
  • Once the tires are two inches off the floor and securely attached to the dollies, you can maneuver the car at different locations/tight spaces around the shop.

How much weight can a hydraulic car dolly hold?

It varies by model but on average, a heavy-duty car dolly can carry up to 1500 lbs. weight to move a car.

Standard vs. Hydraulic Car Dollies – What’s the difference?

Vehicle positioning wheel dollies are available in two main types. Hydraulic wheel dollies are much convenient to use and hence comparatively more expensive than standard options.

Hydraulic car dollies feature a built-in jack with a foot pedal attached. This makes it easier to lift the car up using human legs. The casters effortlessly come in close contact with the tires in the least amount of time.

In contrast, standard car dollies need a separate jack to raise the car first. The dollies are then placed below the tires. They are budget-friendly and ideal for occasional needs.

Where to buy hydraulic wheel dolly?

You will find these dollies in any shop that sells auto parts/accessories. Alternatively, you can shop online like from Amazon or Home Depot.

Do I need to buy a hydraulic wheel dolly storage rack?

It’s not mandatory but buying a storage rack will keep the dollies organized and out of the way.

Final Words

Coming to the end, we hope you’re able to get your hands on the best hydraulic wheel dolly and relieve your back pulling cars.

A quick reminder, as a high-quality wheel dolly Eastwood MH8016 offers a lot of promises whereas Stark Hydraulic KIT363 is the best deal on a budget. However, GoJak G6313 is outstanding and by far the best hydraulic car dolly mover for us. 

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