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7 Best Power Steering Pulley Puller & Installer (Reviews 2021)

Are you having trouble with your power steering pump pulley? Looking for the best power steering pulley puller and installer for DIY fixing? Look no further! 

Our expert mechanics have the most unbiased power steering pulley puller reviews here in this article. Besides, you have our detailed buying guide so that you can check what to look for in a good pulley puller before making a purchase. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Top 7 Power Steering Pump Pulley Pullers

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Best Power Steering Pulley Puller and Installer – Reviews (2021)

Best Power Steering Pump Pulley Puller and Installer Tool

1. OTC 4530 Power Steering Pulley Puller and Installer Tool – Best Overall

OTC 4530 Power Steering Pulley Puller and Installer Tool - Best Overall
OTC has been making specialty, services, and diagnostic tools since 1925. As a result of that, the OTC 4530 p/s pulley removal tool is the best overall in the industry.

Wide Coverage: Pulley hub can be different in cars. But this OTC 4520 puller and installer have wide support diameters hubs including 1-3/8, 1-5/16, 1-1/4, and 1-1/8 inch.

Separate Tools: You will have two separate tool kits for pulling and installing. So removing the old one and installing the new one is much easier and quicker.

Black Carbon Finish: This power steering pulley puller kit comes out carbon black right from the factory, a great feature to make your tool rustproof and good looking.

Blow Mold Case: The whole kit comes along a wonderful blow-molded case. It has all the cutout space for every part of the tool for safe storage.

  • Rustproof design.
  • Separate tools increase efficiency
  • Support on most steering pump pulley.
  • Beautiful case for storing or use on the go.
  • The installer falls short on the final sitting.
  • Spacer bearing balls are susceptible to fall off.

2. Lisle 39000 No Slip Power Steering Pulley Puller and Installer – Runner Up

Lisle 39000 No Slip Power Steering Pulley Puller and Installer - Runner Up
It will be hard to find someone who doesn’t know about Lisle tools. With that kind of experience, they know what they are doing and their Lisle 39000 has earned the runner up place on our list.

Unique Puller: Unlike other power steering pump pulley puller, the housing of this Lisle 39000 pulley puller is longer and larger. You will slip less often and work more.

Support V Pulleys: With this tool setup you can work on traditional V-Pulleys along with serpentine belt pulley. No need to worry about being stuck at compatibility. 

Rapid work: Removing and installing pulleys takes a lot of time and effort. On the other hand, this tool makes it simple with the anti-slip design and larger pulley support base.

Engine size: It’s pleasing to know that the power steering pulley tool is suitable for most domestic models including quad engines and GM 3.1. 

  • Support more engine models.
  • More bolts for easy operation.
  • Nice case to store or travel.
  • Fast and simple pulling and installing.
  • Wavy thread on the puller halves.
  • Doesn’t work on a Ford alternator.

3. OEM 27031 Power Steering Pulley Puller/Installer Tool – Best for the Money

OEM 27031 Power Steering Pulley Puller/Installer Tool - Best for the Money
When choosing the best for the money power steering pulley puller/installer we found nothing wrong with OEMTOOLS 27032. The OEMTools has made a good name in the industry due to serving its customers with nearly every tool they needed.

Durable Steel Build: The puller and the installer are to last longer in servicing your pulley.  Both the clamps of OEM 2703 tool are strong steel made to tackle any repair you throw at it.

Compact Design: All the tools needed for removing the pulley and installing are in the small box. Whether you have 1-3/8, 1-5/16, 1-1/4, or 1-1/8 inch diameter hub, you can surely count on OEM 2703.

Maximum Compatibility: They made the tool to fit on most cars steering pump pulley. Besides they also give you two additional screws to fit on GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Volkswagen power pulleys.

Very Handy Case: It’s always nice to have a functional case with the tool. You can store it easily and take it wherever you like. The case also has instructions on both sides.

  • Steel tools last longer.
  • Adapters increase scope.
  • Instructions on the box.
  • Nice case projects your tools.
  • The bearing ball may fall off.
  • Easily bend aluminum shafts.

4. Lang Tools (5238) Power Steering Pulley Remover and Installer – Made in USA

Lang Tools (5238) Power Steering Pulley Remover and Installer - Made in USA
The Lang 5238 power steering pulley installer tool is made in the USA and hence represents strength, and uncompromised quality.

Fits Most Vehicles: It’s nice to see Lang Tools 5238 fits on most car’s power steering systems. That way you don’t need to stuff tons of tools into your inventory. For a small workshop that’s a blessing.

Precise Threads: All the tools including pulley clamps have precise thread cut into them for accurate follow-through. This allows smooth installing and removing operation.

Essential Accessories: This power steering pulley puller tool set accompanies all the essential accessories to face any pulley challenge. So using a third-party tool won’t be necessary.

Chrome and Carbon coating: For all the accessories, the toolset incorporates chrome and carbon coating, increasing the lifespan and rust proof qualities. That’s how you get your money’s worth.

  • Tools won’t rust easily.
  • Sturdy with longer service life.
  • Precise threads will reduce slips.
  • Comes with a wonderful molded case.
  • Slightly high price.
  • Threads may strip out.

5. Astro 7874 Power Steering Pump Pulley Puller and Installer Kit – Best Under $20

Astro 7874 Power Steering Pump Pulley Puller and Installer Kit - Best Under $20
Behold the Astro 7874, the best under $20 power steering pulley puller tool on the market right now. But, what does it offer?

Extensive Usage: The Astro 7873 tool is not expensive and still manages to pack numerous user-friendly usages into the tool. For example, pulley removal, alternator installation, and vice versa.

Adapters and Accouterments: The complete kit includes threaded bolts for various pulling and installing operations. There are also round bars if you need to hold the clamps firmly. 

Tool Case Dimension: Bring together all the small accessories, nuts, and bolts in an organized manner and safely store in a 9 by 7 inch spacious plastic molded case. 

Lightweight Package: This toolkit is just 2 pounds altogether, meaning you can carry this power steering pump pulley removal tool anywhere at any time without having to think about its weight.

  • Extremely inexpensive.
  • Lightweight & easy to carry.
  • Comes with essential adapters.
  • Case to arrange your tools systematically.
  • Thread can be delicate.
  • May break after a few uses.

6. Alltrade 648605 Kit 20 Pulley Puller/Installer – Also Works on Alternator Pulley

Alltrade 648605 Kit 20 Pulley Puller/Installer - Also Works on Alternator Pulley
The Alltrade 648605 is an exceptional tool kit from Powerbuilt. Aside from the Power steering pulley operation, the tool also works on alternator pulley.

Reliable Tool kit: The components of the Alltrade 648605 set including the adapters, thrust bush, thrust bearing, jaws, and cover ring are made of durable steel. 

14 Piece Special Adapters: With all the 14 pieces of special adapters, the power steering pump pulley installer will surely fit your car. They have all the GM adapters with ford and universal thread for maximum support. 

Rugged Storage Case: To ensure the highest protection for your tool kit, the case has implemented a durable plastic exterior. Plus, a sturdy locking mechanism also helps in keeping things out of reach from kids.

  • Sturdy components.
  • Graphical instruction on the case.
  • One-stop solution with high consistency.
  • Rugged case safeguards precious tools.
  • Thread strip off after a couple of uses.
  • Rubber or ring rips off after heavy use.

7. Performance Tool W89708 Pulley Removal and Installer Tool – Also Great

Performance Tool W89708 Pulley Removal and Installer Tool - Also Great
Our last candidate is Performance Tool W89708, stay more on the expensive side, but considering all the good things, this is also great.

Alternator and PS Operation: There are a few tools like this Performance Tool W89708 that can work as the Alternator pulley remover and the pulley puller for power steering pump at the same time. 

Line Disconnect Tool: Increase your work efficiency bysimply disconnecting the power steering line with ease. So you can concentrate on the work at hand. 

Available Replacement Parts: One common problem with any pulley remover is that they often break at a strong pressure. So the manufacturer offers replacement parts if there is any need for that.

Bilingual instruction: What’s better than one language instruction? That’s right, two. The case includes English and Spanish instruction; if you ever forget how to use the tool.

  • Easy replacement.
  • Simple line disconnect tool.
  • Organized tool case to use on the go.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Bearing may fall after first use.

Power Steering Pulley Puller/Installer Buying Guide

Well, it’s not uncommon to face a problem with power steering after a few hundred mileage. But that’s not the worst part, you will have to spend at least a couple of hundred dollars to fix it.

If you are reading this, it is clear that you are looking for the next best solution. Fixing the problem yourself can be rewarding and easy on the wallet. If that’s the case, you would want the best Power Steering Pulley Puller and Installer for the job.

Below are a few vital aspects of a Pulley remover/installer. These can help you to find the perfect tool for you in terms of your requirement, quality, and budget. 


Pulley remover tool works with an immense amount of force. Evidently, you are pushing and pulling the pulley from the shaft by force. So it is clear that you need strong tools. Not just for one time but rather as many as you can.


Most of the tools are compatible with the majority of car types. Plus there is a universal adapter to fit in a special car. In this case, we would highly suggest choosing the tool that matches your exact shaft size and pulley head.

Storage Case

All the pulley installers comprise with several vital parts. You will need every part successfully to execute the operation. If you lose even a single piece, your tool will be useless. So yes, you need a case, preferably with an organized cutout. 


Low-priced products rarely yield a high result. In the same sense, you will see the product with an attractive price tag but they always lack the quality. If you want to commit for a long time go for the best one as far as your wallet allows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a power steering pump pulley puller and installer tool?

It’s a combination of several components that allow you to pull the pulley from the pulley-hub or push it down on the hub.

How does a power steering pulley puller work?

The clamps on the tool lock on to the pulley’s neck, then with the help of a threaded bolt and nut, the clamp slowly pulls the pulley from the shaft.

How to use a power steering pump pulley puller?

Make sure your pulley shaft and neck size match with your tools. Now place the pulley puller clamp around the neck of the pulley. Place the hollow ring so the clamp doesn’t fly off. 

Now using a ratchet wrench unscrew the bolt outwards so the puller pulls the clamp and the pulley with it.

How to tell if power steering pump pulley is bad?

There are several ways you can tell if your Power steering is bad.

  • Burning smell 
  • Steering failing
  • Vibrating steering
  • Squeaking sound on starting

What does a bad power steering pulley sound like?

The bad pulley usually sounds like it squeaking. The sound gets intense as you drive or when RPM is high.

How much does it cost to replace a power steering pulley?

Depending on the car model you have it ranges around a couple of hundred dollars. 

How much play should a power steering pulley have?

It is normal to have about 1-2mm play on the power steering pulley. Just make sure other pulleys are in place.

Final Words

With the help of the best power steering pulley puller and installer, you can easily fix your steering pulley problem at a fraction of cost.

If you are still confused, the OTC 4530 is our best option for regular use. For people who have a tight budget, OEM 2703 offers the best solution. Finally, for people who love USA products, the Lang 5238 is perfect.

Lastly, we hope the information shared about pump pulley puller tools is useful to you for choosing the right tool.

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