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8 Best Tire Changer and Balancer Combo (2021) – [Top Picks]

Whether you want to upgrade your home garage or planning to launch an auto shop, investing in the best tire changer and balancer combo can make a big difference. Besides, keeping one for yourself is far cheaper than visiting the tire shop now and then.

Having said that, purchasing a tire machine and wheel balancer combo kit is a significant investment and there are dozens of options to make things worse. To ease up the process, you can count on our tire changer and balancer reviews baked by the experts. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Top 8 Tire Changer Machine and Wheel Balancer Combos

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Best Tire Changer and Balancer Combo – Reviews (2021)

1. Mayflower 960 680 Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer Combo – Best Overall

Mayflower 960 680 Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer Combo - Best Overall
Right off the bat, Mayflower 960-680 is the best overall tyre changer and wheel balancer machine that we’ve tested. The American manufacturer has been producing car lift, wheel & tire machines since 1933, with some of the best engineers from Germany putting them ahead of the competition.

Professional Tire Changer: Mayflower 960-680 is a versatile car tire changer/balancer for a convenient clamping range (outside 10”-20”/inside 12”-24”). It can accommodate tires up to 37-inch diameter and with 12-inch wheel width. With an assist arm, it becomes much easier to work with.

Electric Wheel Balancer: The wheel balancer offers effortless work that handles wheels up to 155lbs. weight and 44-inch diameter. The machine accuracy is measured at (+/-) 1 gram, so you can rest assured about the readings it provides.

Capable Bead Breaker: The bead breaker features a 5600 lbs. pneumatic piston, strong enough to separate any tire from its rim.

  • Comes with all accessories.
  • Withstand commercial use.
  • Durable finish to last lifetime.
  • Can change ATV tires (with separate adapter).
  • No significant cons.

2. Mayflower 950 680 Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo – Best Under $2000

Mayflower 950 680 Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo - Best Under $2000
Next on the list, we’ve Mayflower 950-680, the best tire machine and balancer for home garage under $2000. Even if you maintain a small shop this tire machine combo will keep those wheels running smoothly.

Semi-Automatic Tire Changer: Larger wheels (maximum 37-inch diameter, 12-inch width) can comfortably rest on Mayflower 950-680 tire changers due to its inside (12”-24”), outsider (10”-20”) clamping versatility. Moreover, if you purchase a small tire changer adapter, it will also work as a motorcycle tire changer machine.

Electric Wheel Balancer: We’ve already discussed the Mayflower 680 wheel balancer. Quite similarly, you’ll get a convenient rim-grasping facility (10″-24″ diameter; 1.5″-20″ width), with wheel diameter set to 44-inch maximum. It will hold up to 155lbs. weight and provide (+/-) 1 gram balancing accuracy.

Strong Bead Breaker: The bead breaker exerts a whopping 5600 lbs. force, ensuring you face no trouble getting the work done.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Four-wheel balancing modes.
  • Affordable for household applications.
  • No assist arm for difficult tires.

3. TRIUMPH NTC-950-1 NTB-550 Tire Changer and Balancer – Best for Low Profile Tires

TRIUMPH NTC-950-1 NTB-550 Tire Changer and Balancer - Best for Low Profile Tires
Best for low profile and flat tires, TRIUMPH NTC-950-1 NTB-550 is a complete tire changer and wheel balancer package to increase your shop profit. However, the tradeoff is more upfront costs to catch all those great benefits.

Heavy-duty Tire Changer: TRIUMPH NTC-950-1 NTB-550 offers maximum inside (16″-28″) and outside (14″-26″) clamping ability to fit in the highest tire size range (47” diameter, 15” width).

This is remarkable as you can service any vehicle that drives up to your shop. A powerful bead blaster helps you attach rims in fraction of a second.

Professional Wheel Balancer: The wheel balancer can safely grab rims up to a 1.5-20 inch width, and 44-inch diameter, which is the highest industry standard. The foot pedals allow you to lock the wheel in place when adding weights. It makes balancing effortless. 

Accessible Assist Arm: The professional assist arm with tilted shaft and bead lifting disc leverage your control when dealing with flat/low profile tires. With an additional adapter, you can also turn this into a motorcycle tire changer and balancer.

  • Top-of-the line features.
  • Highly accurate calibration.
  • Multipurpose tire machine combo.
  • Durable for commercial operations.
  • Not geared to DIY/home uses.

4. Mayflower 560 680 Tire Machine and Balancer Combo – Best for the Money

Mayflower 560 680 Tire Machine and Balancer Combo - Best for the Money
With a price that is hard to beat, Mayflower 560-680 tire changer and balancer machine provide the best value for your money. It’s pretty simple yet an effective combo package for the price.

Semi-automatic Tire Changer: Mayflower 560-680 allows clamping rims around 10”-18” and 12”-21”, outside and inside respectively. Besides, it removes a maximum tire dimension up to 35×12-inch, enough to get going with a DIY car maintenance project.

Efficient Wheel Balancer: You can mount a 44-inch and 155lbs. wheel and still get proper balancing in just 6-9 seconds. Thanks to the quick-release wing nut and availability of 180-250W power supply. 

Powerful Bead Breaker: You can apply up to 5600 lbs. bead breaker pressure when needed to handle old tires.

  • Fairly versatile.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Durable to handle stiff sidewalls.
  • Feature all balancing modes (dynamic/static/Alu-1-3/motorcycle).
  • No bead blaster and assist arm.

5. XK USA 560 680 Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo – Also Great for the Money

XK USA 560 680 Tire Changer Wheel Balancer Combo - Also Great for the Money
XK USA 560-680 is another great tire changer combo for the money. It is the least expensive recommendation on our list yet as good as any professional combo out there. It’s quite easy to operate making it perfect for small shops and home uses.

Semi-automatic Tire Changer: XK USA 560-680 can clamp any rim within 10″-18″ (outside) and 12″-21″ (inside) range. Besides, you can easily mount/demount tire sizes up to 37x 12-inch dimension. However, the inside out foot pedal (two) feature is the winner for us as it makes the process a lot easier.

Electronic Wheel Balancer: This versatile machine can balance the majority of wheels (44”x10”) you may come across. Moreover, you can slide a 155 lbs. wheel onto its shaft without any issues. The computer only takes 6-9 seconds to find the point of imbalance on the wheel.

Intense Bead Breaking: The tire changer is equipped with a powerful bead breaker (5600 lbs. pneumatic force) allowing you to tackle the roughest tires without a hitch.

  • Easy to set up/operate.
  • Prompt customer service.
  • Accurate wheel balancing.
  • Long-lasting durable construction.
  • Not ideal for a busy repair shop.

6. TRIUMPH NTC-950 NTB-550 Tire Changer Wheel Balancer – Best for Mud Tires

TRIUMPH NTC-950 NTB-550 Tire Changer Wheel Balancer - Best for Mud Tires
In case you like to go off the road, or have an ATV don’t miss the features this tire changer and balancer combo provides. Because there is hardly any as good as TRIUMPH NTC-950 NTB-550 that deals with mud tires effectively.

Multipurpose Tire Changer: Due to a wide outside (15″ – 28″) and insider (13″ – 26″) clamping range of TRIUMPH NTC-950 NTB-550, you can comfortably handle any size tires from cars to pickup trucks.

Well-rounded Wheel Balancer: It’s an automated wheel machine, with convenient pedal control makes it stand out. Calibration is done easily and accurately with only (+/-) 1 gram balancing errors.

Other Features The jet blast inflation mechanism is really convincing. The robust demount head has a strong grip to run onto hard tires. On top of that, a powerful motor supports the bead breaker to generate adequate force.

  • Versatile combo pack.
  • Shipped with all accessories.
  • Manufacturer provide helpful tutorials.
  • Withstand rough commercial application.
  • The price doesn’t fit DIY/home users.

7. XK 960 680 Tire Changer Wheel Rim Balancer Combo – With Arm Assist for Great Price

XK 960 680 Tire Changer Wheel Rim Balancer Combo - With Arm Assist for Great Price
XK 960 680 is one of the best-selling tire changers with assist arms on the market right now. Ideal for smaller/DIY car maintenance shops it has every feature you need at one great price.

Capable Tire Changer: It has everything that our top pick Mayflower 960 tire changer comes with. The XK 960 680 features an assist arm, thereby changing low profile tires won’t be something to worry about. Dual top-down foot pedals make it even easier to operate.

Electric Wheel Balancer: Yet another versatile machine which can accurately balance any wheel up to 155lbs. weight and within 44”x10” dimension. From centering cones to quick release wing nut every accessory is included to complete balancing under 10 seconds.

Additional Features: The tire changer also includes a bead blaster to quickly reattach and inflate tires with proper orientation. Moreover, the side bead breaker (5600 lbs.) smash any beads you throw at it.

  • Fairly priced.
  • Simple & safe to operate.
  • Good for a medium sized shop.
  • Offer maximum length of service.
  • Doesn’t accommodate all tire sizes.

8. Nationwide NW-530 Tire Changer and NW-953 Wheel Balancer Combo – Also Great

Nationwide NW-530 Tire Changer and NW-953 Wheel Balancer Combo - Also Great
Finally, we’ve Nationwide NW-530/953 tire mounting and balancer machine, which is also great. For big guys, the swing arm style tire changer combines versatility and strength to make working with wheels a breeze.

Swing Style Tire Changer: Despite being a manual tire machine Nationwide NW-530/953 provides four pneumatic clamps to ensure your tire changing needs are fulfilled safely.

Efficient Wheel Balancer: With integrated modes (self-calibrating, alu-s, dynamic & static) wheel balancing is done properly with minimum flaws (+/- 1 gram) even when a 150 pound 39×12- inch wheel is put to test.  

Extra Features: The clamping jaws feature a bead seated jet for quick and safe inflation of your tire. Moreover, the water separator and air pressure regulator will ease the use. The side-mounted bead breaker is a 2500kg (5510 lbs.) piston and can crush big tires.

  • Friendly after-sale service.
  • Compact and long-lasting.
  • Provides a fair amount of flexibility.
  • Suitable for bigger person/technician.
  • The price is pretty steep.

Best Tire Machine and Balancer Buying Guide

When selecting our best tire changer and balancer we considered a few factors that we feel are crucial that separates best from the ordinary.

Hence, we want you to check this buying guide before moving on with a final decision.


Dealing with tires and wheels involves a lot of force and you must ensure the tire machine is strong enough to tackle this.  A heavy-duty steel frame will help the machine withstand countless tires. In addition, keep your eyes open on the balancer and ensure the digital unit isn’t delicate/fragile.

Balancer Accuracy

Nothing is more shameful than to see your customers complain about the balancing mistakes that keep them returning. Even if it is your car you don’t want to take the risk of damage from the slightest imbalance/centering error.

And, that’s why you must take the accuracy of your tire balancing into consideration. A (+/-) 1 gram variance is acceptable for us.

Maximum Capacity

If you have a tire shop, invest in a versatile tire changer/balancer combo that handles any tire/wheel that comes at your door. In case of a tire machine, the outside and inside clamping capacity is important.

For the balancer, it is between the minimum and maximum rim diameter range that caters to any wheel types.

Ease of Use

Both the tire machine and the balancer should be easy to work with. Check for a blast jet inflation in the clamping jaws of your tire machine to make inflating tires quick and easy.

If you’re not a professional having some training videos from the manufacturer will accelerate and ease your learning curve.   

Tire Changer Assist Arm

Modern day’s low profile tires often need additional press points for changing. Therefore, verify this if you want to find an edge working with flat tires.

At least, you should check for an upgrade option to be available if you ever feel the need.

Motorcycle Tire Changer Adapter Kit

Needless to say, motorcycle or ATV wheels are different in diameter from those with cars. It is therefore important that you have the option to install a separate motorcycle/ATV tire adapter in your tire changer.

This will allow the clamping jaws to hold the tire properly and avoid unnecessary movement during service.

Motorcycle Wheel Balancer Adapter Kit

The same applies to wheel balancing machines. This type of adapter comes with a specialty shaft which increases your scope to service a wide range of motorcycles when you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a tire changer and balancer used for?

Mechanics use a tire changer machine to detach or install tires with car wheels, provided the related assemblies are removed in the first place.

On the other hand, a tire balancing machine measures imbalance on each side of the tire. It then suggests a specific weight that can be added to restore the wheel’s lateral and radial movement.

What are the advantages of a tire changer and balancer?

A tire changer reduces the burden of manually mounting and dismounting tires from the wheel. It also mitigates the risks of damages to custom rims during the installation. 

A wheel balancer ensures your wheel weight is distributed properly for a smooth and safer ride. It increases fuel mileage by ensuring that the tire has a longer lifespan helping it to wear consistently.

How does a tire changer work?

Tire changers have a side bead breaker to crush the tire on the wheel. A tabletop with adjustable rim clamps then set up the bottom bead edges. A lever arm with duckhead locks the top bead. A tire spoon is pushed into the tire and pops it over the duckhead.

Once this is done, the tabletop rotates and this lets the duckhead dismount the tire. The foot pedals let the technician control these pneumatic operations.

What is computer wheel balancing?

Modern wheel balancers feature a calibrating shaft and computerized display that shows reading in multiple modes. More specifically, it measures lateral and radial weight distribution of a wheel in both the non-moving and dynamic position.

It also identifies where weight placement is needed to help professionals restore the wheel balance quickly.

What is the best tire machine and balancer?

TRIUMPH NTC-950-1 NTB-550 Tire Changer and Balancer is designed for heavy-duty workshop whereas Mayflower 960 680 is best for a small to medium-sized DIY garage.

What are the two types of wheel balancing?

They are Static, and Dynamic wheel balancing.

Static wheel balancing refers to proper orientation on a wheel’s center of gravity, whereas dynamic balancing means stabilizing the vertical and horizontal forces, the lack of which may cause a wheel to bounce up and down. 

Static vs. Dynamic Wheel Balancing – What’s the difference?

Static balancing is an earlier method of fixing an imbalanced wheel. A wheel is placed on a horizontal axle to see which part of it is heavier and leans down due to gravity. A weight is then attached to the wheel center to fix the problem.

However, with dynamic balancing the wheel is clamped on a rotating spindle and spun about 10-15 mph. A computerized sensor then figures out the static and dynamic disparity and finds where the counterweights are required to be attached.

Static balancing only uses one weight, whereas dynamic balancing involves several weights to be positioned at different points of the wheel.

What happens if wheels are not balanced?

Improper wheel balance can cause all sorts of troubles during a ride. Imbalanced tires may hop up and down, resulting in unusual vibration at the steering wheel or on the floorboard.

It will put a lot of stress on both the tire and the vehicle leaving the shocks, bearings, and wheels vulnerable.

Are unbalanced wheels dangerous?

Driving with unbalanced wheels is unsafe as it accelerates tread wear and may result in unexpected roadside tire changes. There is also the risk of tire blowout since modern cars/SUVs are highly tuned and comes with low profile tires. Due to these responsive designs, even the slightest weight changes matter nowadays.

Wheel balancing vs. Wheel alignment – What’s the difference?

Wheel balancing involves calibrating the wheel weight assembly to improve steering and get maximum traction on the tires. In comparison, wheels are aligned to keep them parallel to each other, and perpendicular to the ground.

Final Words

A good tire changer and wheel balancer keeps your car/motorcycle wheel up and running and ensures a safe ride every time you go out. It also provides room to upscale your business and builds a satisfied customer base that you have a dream about.

A quick reminder, Mayflower 960 680 is our best pick for its top-of-the-line features and the brand reputation it comes with.

But, if you have the money TRIUMPH NTC-950-1 NTB-550 is the most versatile machine you can buy, equally good for low profile tires.

For homeowners and DIY enthusiasts, Mayflower 560 680 Combo provides the best value for the price in one attractive package.

Lastly, we hope reading this article has helped you find your best tire changer and balancer combo.

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