What Car Lifts Are Made In The USA?

When you look at any machinery, tools, equipment, what comes to your mind seeing a sticker that says made in the USA. Right off the bat, you will think of innovation, build quality, performance, convenience, etc. This is true for most manufactured products in America.

Similarly, when you are in the market for investing in automotive car lifts, your first choice would be the best USA-made products. While this is obvious, in this day and age it’s hard to find the proper USA-made products. For that particular reason, we made a list of companies that are still making great car lifts in the USA.

  • Rotary Lifts
  • Challenger lifts
  • Titan Lifts
  • Bendpak Lifts (Old Models)
  • Rough country lifts (Source Components from outside)

Above all are the companies that still prefer manufacturing in the USA under strict law and quality standards that all Americans love and cherish. Though Bendpak seems to have only a few older models they make in the country. And for the Rough Country Lifts, they import some of the parts from outside.

The main reason most manufacturing companies turn to china is for their cheap labor. When you are making something, your labor cost would be the single most important factor in the manufacturing chain.  The more efficiently you can use it, the more you can price your products competitively. 

That said, This is the company’s responsibility to oversee the quality factors as well. So, the end result won’t disappoint the loyal/prospective customers. If they lose sight of the main objective, the company might lose more customers in pursuit of catching profits.

what car lifts are made in the USA

Made in USA Car Lifts – Pros and Cons?

To be honest, not only Americans find made in the USA products reliable, they are pretty popular in most parts of the world. There are perfectly good reasons for that kind of appeal worldwide. It’s not just the product itself; it’s all the effort that goes into the before and after making the product.

Here are some quick pros and cons that portrays the Made in USA car lifts

USA Made Car Lifts Pros

  • Attention to details
  • First-class component selection
  • Durable build for years to come
  • Choosing Quality over quantity
  • Great after-sale support
  • Properly certified machines
  • Built from care and experience
  • Better insurance support

USA Made Car Lifts Cons

  • Price can be higher than some Chinese brand

Are Titan lifts made in the USA?

Titan was full of professionals, mostly avid motorcycle enthusiasts and riders. Their passion for providing the best product to the customer and long experience around safety puts Titan in a very special place in the USA. And from there their journey begins.

You will be happy to know that Titan has a headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana. They make professional-grade automotive lifts at a much affordable price. So individuals can fulfill their dream without breaking the bank. Being a USA-made lift, they know how to incorporate only essentials to keep the cost low.

Are BendPak lifts made in the USA?

Unfortunately, not all car lifts from Bendpak are USA-made, they also have some imported stuff. That doesn’t mean they forget their legacy or their love for the people. In ways to meet ever-growing car lift demand, Bendpak does source products from other countries.

Another reason Bendpak is relying on other country’s manufacturers is mainly because of the cost-effectiveness of the labor cost. In any manufacturing that’s a huge portion of fixed cost.

If you can lower it effectively, it’s easier to deliver affordable products in the hands of the general public. Besides, BendPak also ensures uncompromised quality despite the manufacturing difference.

Are Challenger lifts made in the USA?

It would be hard to find someone in the auto industry who hasn’t heard about Challenger lift. They are one of the best lift manufacturing companies in the USA. All the things they have innovated in the automotive lineup it’s pretty amazing! Such as the Versymmetric arms in the 2-post car lift.

Apart from that, the 4-post lifts, 2-post lifts, and in-ground lifts all have the latest innovation techs. As a result, you get a massive power boost and unparalleled performance any time of the year even after long use. Plus, they have the ALI certificate in their arsenal to help in any adverse situation you may face in the future.

Are Atlas lifts made in the USA?

Atlas Lifts is also a popular brand when it comes to automotive lifts. Though they were manufacturing Automotive lifts in the USA, now they just outsource the manufacturing from China. According to the current structure Atlas, the 3 Asian factories in China handle all their lift manufacturing.

This may look like they are using china to produce cheap products for the American Automotive market, that’s not the whole story. Yes, China has a low labor cost when it comes to manufacturing, but they are manufacturing according to USA standards. This combination can be beneficial to all the stakeholders.

Are Rough Country lifts made in the USA?

Rough country from Tennessee has a great reputation around their various automotive kits such as bumpers, fender flares, and of course automotive lifts. While those lifts are on par with the competitive brands, there’s a catch. Most of the components they use in the builds are from china.

Well, they don’t entirely manufacture the unit in China, but rather source parts at an affordable rate. That significantly results in a low-cost end-product for the customer and healthy competition with the other brands. Both the manufacturer and the customers win considering the fact they still haven’t compromised the quality.

Are Forward lifts made in the USA?

Forward lift is also a respected automotive lift company that has been working closely to meet users’ needs. The quality standards, components, and innovation were the core fundamentals for this company as long as they have manufactured the lifts in the USA. 

But after selling the company to Dover industries the company has been sourcing the product from China under new management. That results in a discontinuation of some variation of the lifts people hold dear so much.

Are Rotary lifts made in the USA?

You will be happy to know among the few lift makers, Rotary Lift is one of the major automotive lifts that still operates solely from the USA. All the components selection, design, assembly, service, and installation are under the in-house agency from the USA.

Since 1951, the parent company(McGhee) of rotary lifts has been working towards providing quality garage equipment and accessories. With time they have expanded the reach following users’ constructive criticism. and still following the same path for a better future. 

Are Triumph lifts made in the USA?

Unfortunately, no! National Auto Tools (NAT) sales Triumph lifts sourcing it from another country. But their more than 35 years of experience with USA consumers led them to focus on the very best quality products regardless of the origin. And they are doing the same with Triumph lifts.

With their warehouse that is over 120,000 square feet, they store, inspect and service each piece of equipment with care. In their words, it’s not just a sales organization rather a complete distribution network that understands the importance of tools and the person using them. 

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