What Is A Bead Roller?

There is no denying that bead rollers are great tools for edging and detailing sheet metal panels. You can also use these tools to customize the design of your metal sheet.

What is a bead roller? A Bead roller is a versatile tool used mainly for metal bending operations. They can form rigid lines and remove flexing of metal sheets to strengthen structural integrity. Generally, bead rollers are used in metal fabrication shops for panel repair works.

Since bead rolling has no set of rules it can be used for decorative purposes too. Just work on your creativity, and you can make something entirely new out of ordinary metal sheets.

What is a bead roller

What Is A Bead In Sheet Metal?

Beads are elongated rigid lines or recesses created into the metal sheets by a bead roller. Beads usually increase the stiffness of the metal sheet to make it more rugged and durable. 

Keep the size and thickness of the metal sheet in mind when stamping beads. Bead has to be properly adapted to the workpiece to get the maximum benefit from it. 

Typically, if you are working on the circular workpieces, you should go for rectangular beads (and vice versa). Another important point is to avoid crossover of two beads. 

How Does A Bead Roller Work?

Bead rollers consist of two durable pieces of concave metal rollers, also known as male and female dies. A crack handle allows you to raise or lower these two rollers.

When you place a workpiece or sheet metal in between the forming dyes, they create bends and ridges on the surface. This is the main mechanism of a bead roller. 

Bead rollers can be operated manually or there are also motorized versions that will use electrical power to operate.

What Are Bead Roller Dies?

There are various components in a bead roller. Every component is useful for the effective operation of the roller. Roller dies play important roles when it comes to shaping metals in the right form. 

In other words, the size and shape of beads are highly dependent on bead roller dies. You’ll find different types of roller dies in the market, each named after their size and shape of beads. Each of the various types are designed to serve a specific purpose. 

These dies are equipped with special screws that allow them to be mounted directly to the roller assembly shaft at the desired depth.

What Are The Purposes Of Different Bead Roller Dies?

In manufacturing, different types of bead rollers are used to serve different significant purposes. Some of the most common dies are:

  • Flat dies: Can make metal sheets strong and beautiful. 
  • Round bead dies: Can create ½ to 1” beads. Besides, if you want to make any 18-gauge steel stiff, these dies will work perfectly. 
  • Specialty dies: Mainly used in manual rollers and for giving shape to metals. 
  • Step dies: Used for step roll or overlap two panels in the right way. 
  • Edge bead roller dies: Used for creating a parallel design on the outer edge of the metal sheet. 

Manual Vs. Motorized Bead Roller – What’s The Difference?

Manual bead rollers come in handy to do some sort of metal shaping work in your fabrication shop. From dies to adjuster everything should be properly set up with your manual effort. When it comes to beading rolling, you have to manually push the metal sheet between the male and female dies. 

On the other hand, for electric bead rollers a motor runs the dies automatically for continuous rolling work. So, when you have a motorized bead roller at your place the process will be much easier and bead rolling can be done in a very short time.

How Much Strength Does A Bead Roller Add To Metal?

The primary function of a bead roller is to stiffen any metal sheet in order to increase its strength and prevent warping. It is significant because sheet metal is less stiff in only one direction.

Consider a piece of paper as an example. When you hold it straight by its edge, it’s easy to drop. But if you simply fold the paper it becomes much stiffer. Similarly, a bead roller can stiffen a ductile sheet by bending it in different directions.

A bead roller applies enough pressure on the sheet metal to create beads. The size and shape of the beads (or stiffness) will depend on bead roller dies and some other factors. So, the strength a bead roller adds to metal is varied upon some factors. 

How Much Does A Bead Roller Cost?

The cost of a bead roller varies on some factors. Whether it is manual or motorized, the reputation of the manufactures and the added features, everything plays a role. You can find a basic bead roller costing only $200. 

On the other hand, there are also bead rollers pricing around a whopping $2000. So, you should get the best product based on your preference. Having said that, choosing the right product is always tricky. Check out some bead roller reviews online before you settle on for a specific product.

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